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Kidnapped Book One: The Abduction

Kidnapped Book One:  The Abduction Author Gordon Korman
Publisher Scholastic, Inc.
ISBN 043984777X
Publication Year 2006
Reading Level 5.1
Main Character Age 11
Main Character is Human
Summary (Publisher"s Summary)
Aiden Falconer and FBI Agent Harris close in on Aiden's sister's kidnappers. The only problem is Meg's attempts to free herself mean she's never where she's supposed to be.

Subject Matter Summaries

Summary Details For Positive Elements:

In The Abduction (Book 1 in the series), Aiden and Meg Falconer are back at home with their parents. They spent weeks on the run from the FBI trying to prove their parents were innocent of treason and getting them released from prison. But, Meg is kidnapped. The Falconers must work together, and with the FBI who wrongly accused them in the first place, in order to bring Meg home. p.45 "I almost wish they had gotten me," Aiden said hoarsely. "Not that I want to be kidnapped. I just hate that Meg's all alone. We were kind of good together. You know, in tough spots." p.130 "‘Let her,’ Aiden replied evenly, never taking his eyes from the kidnapper. It was not just bravado. He had already decided that he would rather get shot than give up his only link to his sister."

Summary Details For Mature Subject Matter:

DEATH p.1, 50 There are references to HORUS agents being dead. p.31, 63, 96, 124, 137 References are made to the possibilities of Meg being killed or dead. RELIGION p.2, 21, 36, 76, 82 "Breathing a silent prayer..." p.90 "She wished it a silent Godspeed." CRISIS Crisis is the overwhelming theme of this book. Meg Falconer has been kidnapped. p.20-22 Aiden realizes his sister has been kidnapped and attempts to chase the kidnappers and Meg. p.27-29 Meg tries to escape from a car but is once again captured. p.38 Meg realizes she is trapped in a cage in a room somewhere. p.43 Agent Harris is concerned that too much information about Meg has been made public, endangering her further. p.46 Meg attempts to escape and his knocked unconscious from a fall. p.91 The Falconers and Agent Harris realize the lead they have followed up on is a false one. p.96 John and Louise Falconer are torn about using Aiden to help find Meg. "I won't gamble one of my children in the hope of saving the other, and chance losing them both." p.104 John Falconer struggles with the reality that he has no control over the situation and is unable to protect his own children. p.117 Meg is aware that something big is about to happen concerning her and the kidnappers. However, she is unsure of what is coming. p.119 Meg accidentally knocks an FBI agent unconscious. p.124-125 Meg escapes her kidnappers only to be recaptured once again and moved to a new area. p.134 The Falconers and the FBI realize they have missed their chance at getting Meg back.

Summary Details For Profanity/Language:

DEGRADING COMMENTS Pudgy p.4 Jerk p.5 Stupid p.6, 27, 62, 79 Idiot p.18, 73, 117 Shut up p.78 MILD OBSCENITIES References to cursing (no actual curse words) p.18, 107 RELIGIOUS EXCLAMATIONS God p.119, 125 "Oh, God, who did I hit?"

Summary Details For Sexual Content:

There is no sexual content in the book.

Summary Details For Violence/Illegal Activity:

FANTASY VIOLENCE p.5 "Wait a minute-I nearly took Wendell's head off..." p.7 "If I hang myself with macramé," he assured her darkly, "it won't be by accident." p.46 "The prospect of bashing her brains out on the hard cement wasn't appealing." MISDEMEANOR p.10, 27, 70, 71 A brick is thrown into the Falconer's home. p.11 There is a reference to vandalism and harassment. p.20 Aiden steals a scooter to follow the kidnappers. MILD VIOLENCE p.4 Meg throws a bat after being taunted by a classmate. p.26 Meg kicks one of the kidnappers. p.126 Richie jumps onto a security guard. p.131 One of the kidnappers kicks Aiden. NON-LIFE THREATENING INJURIES p.26-27 Meg runs into a cement wall face-first resulting in a sore nose and some blood. p.38 Meg's hip is sore after being thrown into a room by one of the kidnappers. p.120 Meg's hands are torn and bloody after trying to escape through a boarded window. p.122 Agent Brajansky receives a head wound. p.133 There is a reference to a wound on Aiden's head after being hit. p.133-134 There is a reference to Agent Brajansky having a concussion. FRIGHTENING SCENES p.16-19 Meg is kidnapped. p.25 Meg realizes she has been kidnapped. p.39 Someone enters the room where Meg is being held. p.49-50 Aiden awakens to the FBI attacking someone on the Falconer's front lawn. p.52-63 Meg tries to escape and is captured again. p.84 The FBI conducts a raid looking for Meg. p.88-89 One of the kidnappers frightens Meg. p.94-95 The Falconers receive a ransom note. p.98 Aiden is worried about his part in rescuing Meg. p.102-106, 108-116 The FBI's mission to rescue Meg begins. p.121 Meg escapes the kidnappers. However, they find her and chase her down in a car and capture her again. p.129-130 Aiden confronts one of the kidnappers. p.135-136 Meg is placed in the trunk of a car and is moved to a different location. VIOLENCE p.3, 4 There are references to wanting Aiden and Meg dead. p.16-18 Meg is grabbed and knocked out with chloroform. Aiden attacks Meg's kidnappers by wrapping a string around the neck of one of the attackers and by throwing a planter at the head of an attacker. Aiden is thrown to the ground. p.25 Meg is blindfolded and her wrists are bound. p.30, 39 These pages contain references to Meg being chloroformed. p.49, 50, 66, 84, 99, 115 These are references to guns. p.68 This is a reference to a shoot-out and hostage situation in a school setting. p.89 Meg is grabbed by the collar and arm and dragged by a kidnapper. p.118 Meg hits an unknown person on the head with a glass ashtray knocking him unconscious. p.121 Meg is chased and hit by a car driven by the kidnappers. p.129-130 One of the kidnappers pulls a gun on Aiden. p.133 Aiden is hit on the head with a gun and knocked unconscious. p.83, 84, 134 There are references to getting shot. FELONY p.1, 7, 15, 69 These pages contain references to terrorists. p.8, 36, 69, 100 These pages contain references to treason. p.16, 23, 24, 36, 44, 77 These pages contain references to kidnapping. p.69, 74, 84, 115 These pages contain references to murder or murderers. p.87 This page contains a reference to a felon.

Summary Details For Tobacco/Alcohol/Drugs:

TOBACCO p.76 There are references to cigarette butts, ashes, and smoking. p.99 Two FBI agents are smoking.

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Summary Details For Disrespectful/Anti-Social Elements:

DISRESPECT p.5 Meg is disrespectful to her principal. p.29 One of the kidnappers is disrespectful to Meg. "‘I'm all broken up about that.’ Pure sarcasm." p.42 An FBI agent is disrespectful to Aiden. p.73 Aiden is disrespectful to Agent Harris. VERBAL BULLYING AND TEASING p.4 Meg is taunted by a classmate. p.77 Meg is threatened by one of the kidnappers. "Try that once more and you'll never see home again." p.137 One of the kidnappers makes a threat concerning Aiden. "That Aiden Falconer will pay for what I suffered today!"